Sine Energy debuted at the Brazil Solar Energy Exhibition | 600W+ directly hit the exhibition, the general trend, leading the future!

Sine Energy debuted at the Brazil Solar Energy Exhibition | 600W+ directly hit the exhibition, the general trend, leading the future!

From July 23rd to 25th, 2022, Sine Energy will appear at the Sao Paulo International Solar Energy Exhibition in Brazil, carrying 4 high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, with the guests to explore the development direction of the domestic photovoltaic industry, explore new opportunities in the distributed photovoltaic market in Brazil, and fully demonstrate the Sine Energy technology research and development innovation and product manufacturing strength in the field of photovoltaics. The exhibition site also showed the guests a number of 600W+ distributed zero-carbon solutions of Suneng New Energy, which attracted a large number of on-site exhibitors to stop and visit.


The rapid development of distributed photovoltaics is obvious to all. Improving the power and system efficiency of distributed photovoltaic modules and reducing the cost of distributed photovoltaics have become the development requirements of the new era of the distributed photovoltaic market. With the advancement of technology and the development of the industrial chain, high-power photovoltaic modules have become the general trend. The 600W+ ultra-high-power series modules with stronger power generation capacity and lower LCOE will surely become an important engine for realizing distributed leap-forward development. Ultra-high-power photovoltaic products rely on their advantages of high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high profit Ushering in rapid development, we will join hands with various distributed photovoltaic power stations to join the tide of green development.

In this exhibition, Sine Energy mainly displayed a variety of main products for the distributed photovoltaic market: Sine Energy launched 4 series of photovoltaic modules including 550w, 505w, 600w, and the product specifications cover the full range of 166/182/210 , showing the full product line of Sine Energy, and showing the comprehensive manufacturing strength of the company to the guests at zero distance.

Sine Energy is committed to becoming a comprehensive energy enterprise, which is not only reflected in the construction of multiple types of clean energy sectors, but also in the products and services of various sectors. Adhering to the tenet of providing better product solutions for the market,Sine Energy photovoltaic module business sector has been in-depth technical research and development over the years, overcoming technical problems, gradually improving the enterprise product line, and building a more comprehensive product matrix, from centralized power stations to Distributed photovoltaics, Sine Energy has launched targeted product solutions for different application scenarios, which have been successfully applied to many large-scale power stations at home and abroad, and the product quality and performance have been recognized by the market.


In the future, with the improvement of the 600W+ distributed application system and the perfect solution of adaptability, ultra-high power modules will be widely used, becoming an important development trend of distributed photovoltaics and leading the future.

Post time: Aug-26-2022