New Longi Solar cells arrived today

New Longi Solar cells arrived today


Today we received 0.7 million pieces of 182mm grade A high-efficiency batteries from Longi Solar, with efficiency ranging from 22.5% to 23.1%. This is the ninth batch of cells we received in November. The cells are delivered by Longi Solar own logistics vehicles with door-to-door service which could not only save the delivery time, but also could maximum reducing the damaging or micro-crack during times of loading and unloading in logistics agent.


Since the starting of production of MBB half-cut solar modules, Sine Energy firmly chosen the 9bb products route and selected Longi Solar 9bb high-efficiency monocrystalline cells as the core material of our solar panels. Cells is the power generation unit which act the core material of a solar panel, it directly determines the quality, efficiency, power generation and 25-year linear power guarantee of the module, and also the factors of panel color and appearance control.

Sine Energy insists on block cells and price with Longi Solar monthly, and picks up the goods in batches according to our orders and production demands. Different panel power use different efficiency of cells, and guarantee all the panels we assembled are in positive power tolerance.

Regarding the BOM material,same we adopt top class brands and suppliers, such as Xinyi photovoltaic glass, Jolywood & Cybrid photovoltaic backsheet, Lushan EVA Film, Tonsan & Huitian silica.

                                                      New Longi Solar cells arrived today

During the production process, we accurately control the accuracy of equipment, strictly require operating methods, adhere to high quality requirements, trace the source of problems, and make timely adjustments to ensure that every module we deliver to our customers and partners is a high-quality A grade panel. We will keep making every effort to build Sine Energy into a Reliable brand in solar energy industry.

Post time: Nov-27-2021