LONGi’s silicon wafers dropped another 5.7%

LONGi’s silicon wafers dropped another 5.7%

On December 16, LONGi’s latest silicon wafer prices dropped across the board. G1 and M6 silicon wafers fell by 0.29 yuan/piece, and the current prices reached 4.83 yuan/piece and 5.03 yuan/piece, respectively, with a decrease of 5.66% and 5.45%; M10 silicon The film fell by 0.35 yuan/piece, and the current price came to 5.85 yuan/piece, a decrease of 5.65%.

It is understood that due to demand and inventory impact, the actual market price of silicon wafer m10 has dropped to 5.5 yuan per piece.

Date Wafer RMB price USD price
2021-12-16 Mono P M10 165μm thickness (182/247) 5.85 $0.811
2021-12-16 Mono P M10 165μm thickness (166/223) 5.03 $0.697
2021-12-16 Mono P 158.75/223mm 165μm thickness 4.83 $0.669
2021-11-30 Mono P M10 165μm thickness (182/247) 6.20 $0.856
2021-11-30 Mono P M10 165μm thickness (166/223) 5.32 $0.735
2021-11-30 Mono P 158.75/223mm 165μm thickness 5.12 $0.707

As Longi and Zhonghuan Silicon Wafer have successively lowered their quotations, terminal investors are continuing to pressure component companies to reduce prices, and this pressure is being transmitted to the cells end. However, the price of solar cells on the market is still relatively strong and has not followed the silicon wafer. It is understood that component prices have gradually dropped, and the latest quotation of a head company has fallen below 1.8 rmb/watt.

In fact, the current silicon material transaction volume has dropped to a low point, so the so-called silicon material quotations on the market cannot represent the true cost transmission. It is more reasonable to reverse the price based on the cost of silicon wafers. It is expected that the reasonable transaction price should be around 220-230 rmb/kg. Last week, there were companies that sold at a price of 230 rmb/kg.

In terms of silicon materials, the negotiation situation between buyers and sellers has changed slightly. The sellers hope to control the price decline. On the one hand, they maintain a price base period that is not too low at the beginning of next year. On the other hand, they also avoid the overall market sentiment to wait and see. Concession

On the buyer side, due to the low operating rate along the way, the inventory of silicon materials has continued to increase, and the new output of silicon materials will also start to climb month by month. Therefore, the negotiation power has increased and the purchase target price has mostly fallen at 210-220 rmb per kilogram.  The overall buyers and sellers are deadlocked and continue to play games, the spot transaction volume is still low, the market mostly executes long-term orders, and the market waits for the results of the game.

Post time: Dec-18-2021