Advantages of photovoltaic power generation on industrial and commercial rooftops

Advantages of photovoltaic power generation on industrial and commercial rooftops

At present, there are mainly two types of applications for photovoltaic power stations. One is large-scale ground power stations, which are mainly distributed in sparsely populated places in the northwest; the second is distributed photovoltaic power stations, such as home roofs, industrial and commercial The important application market of photovoltaic power plants has now been pushed to a very high level.
Enterprise factory buildings usually have the characteristics of large roof area, flat roof, few shelters, large power consumption, and high electricity price. They are very suitable for installing photovoltaic power generation systems mainly for self-use. Industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plants are not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, and use idle resources on building roofs without noise and pollution.



Advantages of photovoltaic power generation on industrial and commercial rooftops

1. Revitalize fixed assets, reduce electricity expenses of enterprises, and enterprises will benefit for at least 20 years

It is a one-time investment for the enterprise to build a photovoltaic power station using the roof of the enterprise, and it is a stable income every day. Everyone knows that industrial and commercial electricity costs are much higher than residential electricity, and the annual electricity bill is expensive. After photovoltaic power generation is installed, it can be self-generated and used for self-use, and the surplus electricity can be connected to the grid. In addition to reducing electricity costs, it can also enjoy national subsidies for photovoltaic power generation.

2. Reduce the energy consumption of the enterprise and alleviate the problem of power shortage.
The problem of energy consumption for production-oriented enterprises has always existed, especially during the peak period of electricity consumption. Enterprises have adopted various power generation systems to supplement, but the input is high and the output is low. Therefore, many enterprises choose photovoltaic power generation, because the investment cost is relatively low, the power generation is relatively stable, and the time of photovoltaic power generation is basically consistent with the peak hours of enterprise electricity consumption, which truly achieves the effect of peak shaving.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction, improving the environment and enhancing the corporate social image
After installing the photovoltaic power station on the roof of the enterprise, the comprehensive utilization of solar energy and buildings can be realized, which not only enables the enterprise to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, but also fulfills the social responsibility of improving the surrounding environment, which increases the reputation.

4. Heat insulation and cooling to improve the working environment of employees</>
The photovoltaic power station is built on the factory building, which has a cooling effect to a certain extent, especially in summer. Usually, the workshop can be lowered by 3-6 degrees, which undoubtedly improves the working environment for workers engaged in production. In terms of enterprises, it also reduces the electricity bill generated by cooling.

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